Daniel Abraham Photography


Artist Statement(s)

"What is it?" is not the question. What "it is" doesn't matter. What matters is what you see.

This is not abstract photography. This is nature photography: close-ups from the urban environment.

Looking at the intersection of man-made environment and nature - nature reclaiming the space appropriated by man. Man-made objects slowly reverting back to organic states.

I am interested in the art of small things, the invisible landscapes that surround us, the background noises we tune out. Take the time to look around: there is beauty hiding everywhere.


Earliest photographs were taken with a Minolta, then a Nikon F3.

Later photos were taken with a Bronica SQ-ai medium format camera, using Fuji Pro 400, 160C and 160S film.


Photographs on this site are available as limited-edition giclee prints produced on hand-coated paper, using either Rives BFK (17"x22") or Japanese handmade kozo papers: Unryu, Kochi, Okawara, or Iyo.

For further information, please contact me.